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cPanel is the industry leader for turning standalone servers into a fully automated point-and-click hosting platform. Tedious tasks are replaced by web interfaces and API-based calls. cPanel is designed with multiple levels of administration including admin, reseller, end user, and email-based interfaces. These multiple levels provide security, ease of use, and flexibility for everyone from the server administrator to the email account user.

cPanel is an organization that wins the loyalty of customers around the world by providing feature-rich applications backed by a team of developers, technical support engineers and quality assurance experts that provide stable builds, direct support, and fantastic customer service. cPanel powers web hosting companies and organizations that have a need to automate and offer competitive hosting services.

cPanel Direct Licensing

cPanel can be installed on any server worldwide. If you currently operate your own servers and wish to purchase the cPanel software directly, it can be purchased online at the cPanel Store. Every direct software purchase receives priority support, installation support, and migration assistance.

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Fast, intelligent, flexible, efficient. I was extremely pleased and we reached a successfull outcome rapidly. - Jack Benson ammonet Infotech
I've been using cPanel and WHM for the last 4 years and have never felt let down by the service provided. We only ever use cPanel for our servers and would never consider offering another control panel to our customers. - Mark Mitchell, Northwest Shops
We have tried many other hosting control panels and found cPanel to be the best. It's easy to use for customers and easy for us. We would never use any other hosting control panel or buy hosting without cPanel. - Bobby,
At this point I will not even consider using a hosting service unless they offer cPanel.
- cPanel Survey Response
The server tech was fantastic and very quick. I can't fault the service at all! After using ens*m support for the last 8 years I wish I started with cPanel back then. The last 8 years would have been much better on the web hosting side. Your have a top product and great tech support. - Harry Walter
Great deal it worked! Thanks again, this is why I am a loyal customer to cPanel and will continue to spread the word on its great support. - Lee Newman
Our customers really like cPanel. Over the years we have gone through a lot of control panels before but none are as good as cPanel. With ease of automation and the really low prices it's great to manage other websites. - Dominic Quick
I and my customers can't work without cPanel... Thank you for your endeavors to give us the best. - Mohamed Hamoly
I am so in love with cPanel. - Alicia Miranda
I think that this control panel helps a lot. i dont have a lot of experience using my computer but this program is helping me to manage my web site, easy and good. - John Travolta